Money Insurance

Protect money owned by the company from the risk of burglary or robbery while in a safe, ATM, teller, cashier, or while on the way from / to the Bank / Customer / other party according to company procedures.

3 Types of Money Insurance

Cash In Safe

Provide compensation for 2 things, namely:

Loss, damage to Cash, Bank Notes, Currency Notes insured.

• Damage, loss to the building or strong room / treasure (storage area for the object of insured). against the risk of theft that is visible, violent, and transparent.

Cash In Transit

Providing compensation for loss of the object insured in the form of cash, demand deposits, securities (Bank Notes), postal orders, stamps, checks, money orders belonging to the insured due to being robbed (robbery) during the transportation process.

Fidelity Guarantee

Provide compensation for dishonesty / inability / failure of the insured employee in carrying out their duties. In the form of financial loss / loss of stock.