Management Team



President Commisioner   : H. Ahmad Mawardi
Commisioner   : Andreas



President Director   : Martinus Chandra
Directors   : Natanail
    : Ruddy Sastrodidjojo


KBRU's management team comprises talented industry leaders from a variety of backgrounds.
PT. KALIBESAR RAYA UTAMA was established in Jakarta in 1986. KBRU was wstablished at the time when brokers were not commonly know in Indonesia.

Our President Commisioner had foreseen the future where a company no longer needed an in-house department to deal withinsurance issues but through insurance brokers.

Benefit are already being seen by companies who have used our services, ranging from multinational to large, medium, and small sized domestic companies. In KBRU, everyone is a valued customer, who deserves to receive the best service available.

Marketing Team - your own insurance division
Each Marketing personnel provide total services to each client from the initial approach to assisting with claim processing. These include the filling up of various forms and consultation services. The services extended at the times of renewal, by informing our clients on their insurance expiry period in advance and preparing the renewal process.

Technical Department - satisfying insurance coverage
The Technical Department specializes in various areas of insurance coverage and is primarily responsible to prepare proposal to the insurance company. They aim to acquire the optimum terms and conditions, and thus deliver the best in our client’s interests. Over more than 20 years we have developed an extensive network and excellent relationships with various insurance companies, thereby giving the Technical Department in KBRU the competitive advantage to provide you with the best value against other brokers.

Information Technology - actualization of efficiency and effectiveness The Information Technology Department fully supports the way we do business and processes each and every one of our clients’ coverage. In 2000 the IT Department introduced the use of a software application called Brokers Application. This application allows various Departments of KBRU, to obtain information with a click of a button and enables us to provide faster, yet accurate service to our clients.

Claim Department - aims for full settlement
The importance of the Claims Department could never be overly emphasized as our performance is measured by the speed at which we process the claim of a client.

Risk Management - crucial analysis to client exposure
Risk Management is the Department that uniquely defines KBRU as the leading broker in Indonesia, and able to assess risk and produce a trustworthy report to the Insurance Company.

Employee Benefits - a specialized division
Employee Benefits Department is a specialized division that deals with all matters of employee benefits for both corporate and individual. With professional expertise and experienced medical practitioner in hand, we could design and tailor-made insurance coverage to suit our client’s needs. The products
includes: Health Insurance, Personal Accident, Group Life Insurance, Severance Pay and Pension Plan and all other insurance products related to workmen or employees.

The success in KBRU to deliver 100% customer service asatisfaction results from the professionalism and dedication of all of these departments working together!


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