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28 Desember 2011
SHARE TO LOVE to Sayap Ibu Foundation
Topik :

Community Activities in the Context of Spiritual and Social KBRU the Month in February 2012, we will SHARE LOVE at Wings Foundation Capital, with details as follows:

- Government & Non-profit, its main activities Handling of Abandoned Disabled Children.

- These children are suffering from the disease: Cepalus Hydro, Micro Cepalus, cerebral palsy, etc.
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- Number of Children: 30 People (Ages 0-19 Years, At least many ages of children)

- Address: Jl. Bintaro No.33B Graha Raya, Pondok West Nuts, Bintaro - Tangrang, (DKT Alam Sutera)

- For Donations can be transferred to Account KBRU Care Love follows:

Bank Sinar Mas branch Cempaka Mas

A/C No. 0023582333

on Behalf by : Selvi

Tanggal : 18 Februari 2012 s/d 18 Februari 2012
Pukul : 10.00 - 12.00 WIB
Tempat : Sayap Ibu foundation, Bintaro
Pengirim : Prayugi

05 Desember 2011
Topik :

In the framework of Community Activities and social Spiritual KBRU, we will hold a joint celebration of Christmas, with the details:

the number of children: 96 People (ages 0-6 Years)

address: JL. Village son of no.5, Lenteng Agung, Srengseng Sawah, Jaga Karsa, Psr Minggu Jaksel

We invite friends to participate in the form of funds or goods in the form of: Baby Gear (milk, pampers), daily needs, children's toys, Thrift is worth taking.

For Funds can be transferred to the account CONCERNED YOU:

KBRU Bank Sinar Mas Cab. Cempaka Mas, a/c no. 0023582333, in the name: Selvi Fundraiser

and things can get in touch: Vidi (Marketing), Dela (Marketing), Monied (Method) If you want to get involved in the show/attending please contact: Vidi (Marketing), Desta (Engineering), Melvin (Finance)

Nb: Please diinfo to the client if any are willing to participate for the occasion Greeting Prayugi

Tanggal : 26 Desember 2011 s/d 26 Desember 2011
Pukul : 10.00 - 12.00
Tempat : Pasar Minggu
Pengirim : Admin

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