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The Role Of Insurance Broker
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The advantage of using the services of a Broker For the insured access to extensive insurance market, both local and international market, so that it can provide various kinds of insurance products for the insured; The up to date information on the types of insurance products, so that the insured was able to get the best quote conditions.

By using Service Broker, the insured would have a stronger leverage in the eyes of insurance, making it possible to get a quote with competitive premiums ensure that risks Insured in place on insurance companies and competent in a healthy financial condition can help Broker the insured in the process of policy administration-existing insurance policy, such as granting Renewal Notice, administrative problems and Coverage endorsement Value can help the insured in the insurance claims process to, because the Broker does not have any financial interests directly over the claims process.

KThe advantage of using Service Broker To Broker can berfungi as Responsible?Marketing? for the Person, without having to burden with the overhead cost of the Underwriter Who can discuss technical conditions by using the? language? the same if the insured is represented by the Broker so that minimize any misunderstanding ternjadinya especially in the event of claims Broker can serve as a mediator to explain to the insured a wide range of insurance conditions to the customer, so the Person can concentrate more to run its main function, namely Risk Management.

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