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The dilemma will be insured? The Broker is the answer
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If you are insured, but confusion was about to get the product and the insurance company that fits your risk profile that you are dealing with, it doesn't hurt if you use the services of an insurance broker. No worries with this one broker, you will not charge any aliases for free.

Yet many indeed who knows the insurance broker profession. An even rarer lots are the wrong perception that tertanggunglah must pay for the cost of brokerage. Or concerns that premiums be paid the insured will be much higher if insured through insurance brokers.

Insurance Broker instead of just being a liaison between the insured with an insurance company, but at the same time provide consulting services for prospective insured. Since it could have contenders insured still confusion chooses the insurance company the right ordered the risk profile, let alone the insurance industry is now getting more and more competitive with the growing number of insurance companies increased. Insurance Broker is going to choose the insurance company that is safe for the insured. The insured will get consulting perasuransian, insurance products are competitive and reasonable premiums.

Not only that, the insurance broker will manage financed settlement compensation (claim) if at a later date going repayment claim for damages. So the insured need not bother to take care of themselves. Again, they wouldn't charge a dime to the insured. Obviously this is very helpful, because even the insured had trouble taking care of insurance claims.

Then from where the company insurance broker get paid?
brokerage revenues come from insurance companies that have chosen the insured, the course of the broker's advice. The broker is not ubahnya function as power marketing for insurance companies, so that the cost components of marketing, survey and the administration of the premiums became part of the broker.

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