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Railway Accident insurance claims and Ferry Achieved Rp18,465 Billion
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JAKARTA: the value of insurance claims, passenger vehicles, and other victims of the crash between a train (KA) Kutojaya majors Jakarta-Kutoarjo with KA South Pearl majors Surabaya-Bandung station Langen Sari, Banjar, and fire Sea Shade II at NMC cross the waters of the Peacock-Bakauheni on Friday (28/1) and is estimated at Rp18,465 billion.

Insurance claims for the second passenger transport modes was underwritten by PT Jasaraharja PT Jasa Raharja and Son (Persero). As for vehicle Insurance underwritten by PT Jasaraharja Son, which is a subsidiary Service Raharja.

Director of Services Raharja Diding R Anwar declared, the company provides santuan Rp 25 million to the heirs of victims who perished. While Jasaraharja Son gave a stipend of Usd 40 million to the heirs of the victims were killed. Thus, the total claim for one victim died is Rp 65 million.

"Until 31 January 2011 the stipend is paid Services Raharja Rp 75 million to the three heirs of the victims were killed in an accident with KA KA Kutojaya Selatan Pearls and Rp 350 million to 14 fatalities in accidents NMC Sea Shade II," he said in a press conference the company in Jakarta, Tuesday (1/2).

The death toll in ferry fire alone amounted to 17 people. However, he said, because the three other victims have not been identified, charities have not paid. As for the cost of treatment and care to 40 victims were injured in a train wreck and 269 casualties in fires NMC Sea Shade II will be borne out by the services of Usd 10 million and a maximum of Rp20 Raharja million by Jasaraharja Putera.

President Jasaraharja Son Zayad Ghani stated, it just paying out cash benefit to heirs of the victims were killed in the fire 12 NMC Sea Shade until Saturday (31/1) respectively of Rp40 million or a total of Rp480 million. While insurance claims for vehicles and goods tailored to the type and the vehicle. (CS/OL-2)

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