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The other side of broker
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In the insurance business, name or term broker is no longer a thing that is rarely heard. Due to the development of the world perasuransian in Indonesia was also influenced by the presence of brokers. In theory, the broker is identical to the companions of the insured, where the broker or the reply referred to as an insurance broker from early always helps the insured coverage process until the completion of the claim or expiry of a period of coverage.

But often the prospective insured or people who want to understand the usefulness of the insured does not broker, so often the insuring company or individual object pertanggungannya feel lost or misled by the lack of content or procedures which are guaranteed in the policy coverage or warranty not contained within the policy. So it is not uncommon at the time of the occurrence of loss as well, the insured is unable to withdraw his claim and it is becoming a bad impact for "image" of insurance companies.

As for the below is the benefits of broker: Risk Analysis
  • The insured would have received in full on the Term & condition, type of protection, security in the area of collateral, insured.
  • More competitive, because some of the activities of insurance companies has been carried out by brokers
Extensive Warranties
  • Extensive warranty which placed will be made in accordance with the needs of the insured in a timely and accurate, no exaggeration which affects the cost of premiums or membengkaknya not too need that on later incurred losses that did not make the list a guarantee insurance policy
The Placement Of Insurance
  • Placement of risks to the insurance company based on the technical capabilities, additional assistance of reinsurance, and service claim quickly and accurately.
  • Help the insured in the settlement of claims, such as: surveys, preparation of supporting documentation, negotiation, and payment reinburst.
  • Help in resolving the claims of the insured, including the handling in the administration of data and speed up the disbursement claims

With such an understanding description above expected the prospective insured can take advantage of service broker with the best possible.

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