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Ten Things about life insurance
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If you don't already know about life insurance, here are 10 important things you should know about that. The following is displayed by an expert in CNNMoney.com about life insurance: 

  • All insurance policies fall into one or two camp. There is a policy measure or pure cover insurance. There also exist several variants of whole life (life insurance), which combined with investment products with pure term insurance (insurance futures) and make the cash value.
  • Insurance is sold, not bought. The agents sell their insurance products sometimes with exaggerating these products, because they expect a High Commission from the sale of a life insurance policy. In addition the level of competition in the insurance industry also became more strict.
  • Whole life is expensive. Insurance policy with investment components costs several times higher than term insurance policy. As a result, people who buy whole life often cannot receive adequate value now, leaving them under insurance.
  • Whole life insurance policy is built upon assumptions. The agent presents forecasts-forecasts in the future, not the reality. Some companies maintain this preconceived notions of return in the future on the high side to attract more buyers.
  • Keep your insurance and investments are strictly separate. There is a better place to invest and without the High Commission of lifetime policy.
  • Buy just enough to fill the needs of the term of protection. Insurance is not a place to skimp, especially with the rates in history is always low. Use the calculator to get a rough idea how much insurance you need.
  • Adjust the length of the policy as needed. You want the policy to be shut down as long as you rely upon deposits or for retirement income.
  • Buy when healthy. Parents generally his health is not in the best position, they have to pay higher rates for life insurance. So buy insurance as early as possible as you can, don't wait until you start to rely.
  • Tell the truth. Just the facts pointed out in your application. As well as make sure if you made a large number of claims, the company will conduct an investigation before paying for them.
  • Use the Web to shop. Buying life insurance has never been easier before the existing internet presence. You can get a lot of answers from a site, without the hassle of sales agents.

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